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lördag 20 februari 2010

Depressing Thoughts

Text skriven när jag var 20 och sjöng i lite olika band utan någon som helst framgång.

Standing on the roof in the rain
Tell me why I´m so afraid
I´m trying to swallow my pain
I´m holding tight onto the razorblade
It´s to hard to love and never understand
how ut slips right through my hands

I sit back and I close my eyes
I don´t want you to see me cry
The pain goes deep into my bones
I feel no love, I´ve lost my mind
I feel so cold, so alone
Happines is something I can´t find

I´m never sleeping
I´m just weeping
Just thinking the thought of no tomorrow
I´m not happy, so why pretend?
The pain, tears and sorrow
The darkness will be my friend

Depressing thoughts
Depressing thoughts is haunting me
and shows me things I don´t wanna see
Depressing thoughts
Depressing thought is haunting me
Please, take me away from my misery

Please, take me away

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