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lördag 14 november 2009

I´m Going Down

I´m Going Down
(Weeping Willows)
All alone by myself
Soon I´m begging God for help
It´s been so long since I felt strong,
don´t know when
I need someone by my side
I am losing all my pride
Is there someone, just anyone on my side?
So I go by on the ground
late at night into town
Maybe this night is the right night to be ´round

But I find what I always find,
I find myself alone
Drunk with an empty heart
on the nightbus heading home
I am thinking just to mush
´Cause I´m earning to be touched
I´m a loser, I´m a boozer without luck

I don´t feel like playin´ around
Don´t you treat me like a clown
The sucessful get their hands ful,
while I´m going down

1 kommentar:

  1. Tack, letade som en galning efter just den låttexten. Man hittar aldrig det man letar efter då man behöver det :) Skön blogg förövrigt