söndag 20 oktober 2013

Got Me A Beard

I had a girl
And actual girlfriend yeah
She asked me
to trim back my face hair
But nobody ever tells me to shave (tells me to shave)

So I dumped her
I dumped her a straight away
Cause I'm bearded, and that's how it's going to stay

I let it grow
Sometimes it annoyed me
Sometimes it itched
and girls would avoid me
But whenever I looked at a bearded man (a bearded man)
It made me feel glad and I stuck to to plans (stuck to the plans)

I kept my beard
And that's when I met you
You said "nice beard"
How could I forget you

As soon as I saw you I suddenly knew (suddenly knew)
That you liked me for my beard and I liked yours too (I like yours too)
And I
I got a beard
And you helped me groom it
I got a beard
I'm so glad you approve it yeah
I got a beard (Got me a beard)
Oh I got (got me a beard)
Yes I got a beard (got me a beard)

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